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 LAI , Wai-hung

Our Story

Prior to 2003, 84 Wharf Road was just a quiet corner in North Point that no one would bother to know its whereabouts. Nonetheless, the opening of ‘Hung's Delicacies’ by Lai Wai-Hung (Ah-Hung) and his wife in 2003 has made the corner extremely popular amongst gourmets from both home and abroad, simply due to their unparalleled ways of cooking, and perseverance on food quality.

Ah-Hung started his career in gastronomy at age 17 when he was apprenticed to the cook specializing in making won-ton noodles in Yung Kee Restaurant. 18 years later, he was positioned to Beijing by Hong Kong Maxim's Group as head chef ensuring top-level food quality standards at the Chain’s restaurants. In the 90's, he was recalled to Hong Kong to manage the ten-plus restaurants at the Hong Kong Airport. Over the years, Ah Hung has accumulated a wealth of culinary experience, and developed his own special ways of creating Chinese marinade-braised dishes and roasted meats which have become exceptionally well-known amongst diners.

Appreciating Ah-Hung's superb dedication to food quality, Chua Lam, a renowned local food critique, offered a unique name 'Chua Lam's lo mein' for Ah-Hung's specially blended noodles with concentrated Chinese marinade. Chua’s personal autograph on the signboard of the restaurant is testimony of his appreciation.

The small yet superb bistro received a Michelin star award for five consecutive years in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, in recognition of Ah-Hung's scrupulous way of cooking, as well as his insistence on food quality.

Despite having reached one-star Michelin heights, ‘Hung's Delicacies’ keeps offering authentic Chinese dishes at crowd-pleasing prices. The must-try on the menu are vegetarian goose, mixed noodles, sesame flavoured chicken's leg tendon , braised assorted vegetables with red marinated tofu sauce. Certainly its homemade Cantonese-style broth which is MSG free, is another must-try. All of the above are the restaurant's signature dishes that no food-lover can afford to miss.



* North Point Store has been closed on 31 August 2014 due to rental issues.

Old North Point Store

Old North Point Store